In light of recent events we feel it would be odd not to acknowledge the outcome of the EU Referendum. Regardless of your political opinion the result changes the whole future of our country.
This is by no means a political post; as a small UK retailer we have felt a change in mood since results have been announced. We hope to move forward and not stumble; and we need our lovely loyal customers to help our local businesses to do that.

Like us, you will be wondering how the lives of our family will change and what this means for them in the short and long term. We want our hard working nation to prosper.

Our hopes are that you continue to support small UK businesses such as ours, and we thank you for having done so in the past. Please continue to support local trades: the local butcher or green grocer. Buy great British products such as English strawberries, Scotch whisky, Welsh lamb and other British food made from British ingredients.

Please continue to support your local economy, and, especially in times like these, buy from your local farm shop or a farmers’ market to support British farmers.

In our Shropshire florist and gift shop we continue to sell local crafts by local artists and flowers from local growers. We maintain our ‘best of British ethos’ and hope that our UK designed products end up adorning your homes or become the perfect gift. We hope to go on to be the best florists around and that our wedding flower design and creations are a part of a couples perfect day.

We hope to see you in the shop or in our online store in the future.

Warm wishes,