One of the key pieces of advice we give as florists to a Bride is to choose seasonal flowers. Seasonality is key to your wedding flowers. What we mean by this is quite simple; if the flowers you have dreamed of for your wedding day are not in season you won’t be able to have them. Wow. Saying that feels pretty harsh – but it’s true. Many brides have come to there first florist appointment only to discover that the posy of peonies they wanted for their wedding is not available when they get married in August.¬†

Most flowers are seasonal; the time of year you get married will dictate your wedding’s floral scheme. While it is can be possible to import out-of-season blooms from a warmer climate, those flowers can cost substantially more than they would in season. By this we’re talking up to (and occasionally over) 5 times the prices of seasonal flowers! So you’ve really got to want to blow your budget on flowers to get them.

Don’t let this news dishearten your planning; there are plenty of stunning flower options available in every season. So save yourself the heartache and money, and read on to see the best wedding flowers in bloom for each season.

Spring brides can pick from an array of beautiful flowers blossoming from late March through to mid June. Seasonal favourites include Peony, Anemones and Ranunculus. Or go for something different with Alliums. You can add extra prettiness to your arrangements with snap dragons, Stocks or Astrantia.


From late June until September the Summer brides have an abundance of choice too! The warmer climate brings out vibrant Summer blooms for wedding flowers such as the ever popular Hydrangea, Dahlia, Zinnia, Sunflowers and more wild flower options like Leucanthemum (Daisies to you and I), Alchemilla Mollis and Scabious. For a romantic look add Astilbe or Nigella pods.


With the change in season in late September comes a fresh batch of wedding flowers for Autumn Brides to choose from; including favourites such as Hydrangea (which are still in season), Chrysanthemum and Cosmos. Capture Autumnal rustic charm by adding Rose Hips or berry branches to arrangements.


The a Winter snap does limit the floral abundance, but Winter Brides still have a good choice in December, January and February. Flower choices include Agapanthus, Ageratum and Ornamental Cabbages (also known as brassica) with Eryngiums, boughs of Berries and Twisted Hazel.

Bridal bouquet at The Mill Barns

There are certain flowers that look great no matter what the season. These year-round flowers are great choices either as the star of your bouquet or as fillers. The most beautiful of these include Roses, Orchids, Delphinium, Freesia, Aster, Lisianthus, and the ever popular Craspedia.


So now you have the heads up, what will you choose for your wedding flowers?

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