I find the saying ‘it’s better to give than receive’ absolutely true when you take the time to give something special.  I like to think that I’m a giving sort of person, not necessarily of big things but of little things.  I like to take time sourcing gifts that are truly suited to the individual and can often spend hours trawling around shops or through websites looking for the ideal present.

More often than not I will come across similar items which are marketed by many high street stores and get a strong sense of deja vu!  A simple solution to this is to personalise a gift and make it bespoke for that person, either with their name, a commemorative date or a memorable message.  To be given a gift is always nice but to be given a personalised gift well, you know that’s been given some thought so it’s just that extra bit special!

When my friends little girl started school last month I gave her a lunch bag personalised with her name which became a real ice breaker.  Lots of her new classmates liked it and asked about it during lunch which got them all talking and consequently helped to develop new friendships!

Personalising an Xmas bauble for both of my children for their first Christmas was important to me, a fab keepsake and this year will be no exception for our newest arrival!

I like the idea of personalising gifts for couples when they get married or for their anniversary with a simple message and date as it’s something they can cherish for years.  The possibilities for personalised gifts are endless and accessible to all not to mention extremely rewarding!

So if you’re of similar mind-set to me and like to give gifts that are just that extra bit special then here’s a mood board to help inspire you!

Personalised gifts that are different to the norm.

Personalised gifts that are different to the norm.