I was once told that you can make anything out of a paper plate.  A bold statement indeed.  I feel it only fair to manage your expectations and say this nugget of knowledge came from a friend of mine who is a primary school teacher by profession.  Hence the ‘anything’ is really aimed at young children.  I’m not about to reveal how to make a Gucci bag out of a paper plate. Although I imagine my friend would argue that you could make a suitably good clutch bag!

Joking aside, my friend did show me how to craft a plate into a snake, a mask, a fish, a spider and much more besides. (It was a decidedly slow day, we needed to pass the time!)

So when I received a letter from my son’s school announcing that each child needed to produce a handmade Easter bonnet for the school Easter parade, I reached for a paper plate.  Now, I’m at my most comfortable personalising gifts for kids rather than crafting with kids.  It wasn’t so natural thinking of an easy, quick way to make an Easter bonnet using what I already had in the cupboards and kids craft boxes.  However, I will thank the school for this challenge because it was a fun activity for the kids and we had a great bit of parent-child bonding time with our crafts and gloopy glue.

Here is a Big Little Things twist on an children’s Easter bonnet with the ‘how to’ bit below:

Materials needed for a DIY Easter Bonnet

Materials needed for a DIY Easter Bonnet

You will need:

A large paper plate

A bunch of straw, hay, shredded tissue paper or crepe paper

Pipe cleaners


A pin

PVA glue


A jug or bowl


How to make an Easter DIY bonnet

How to make an Easter DIY bonnet

Start by cutting a spiral into the paper plate. I did this free-hand and began at the outer edge, working my way in.

Cover the underside of the plate in PVA glue and stick the tissue or hay to the glue. Leave to dry. This might take a while!

Pierce holes in either end of an egg. Blow into one of the holes (make sure you are over a bowl or jug!) to remove the uncooked egg white and yolk. This will make the egg hollow and lightweight for the hat. Feel free to make cakes or scrambled eggs with the contents of the bowl!

Thread a pipe clean through the hollow egg. This will serve as a way to attach the eggs to the Easter bonnet. Decorate the bonnet with the eggs and as many other details as you can imagine!

Ta da! One Easter bonnet.