Although I dred the mundane process of labelling all of my kids school uniforms, I have learnt from experience that its certainly worth while. When a school jumper sets you back the best part of 20 quid, you want to make sure that your child comes home with it!

But why stop at uniforms?!

I’ve decided this year to send both my kids back to school with everything personalised, the full shebang in the hope that I won’t be marching down to the supermarket to pick up a new lunch box or drinks bottle on a regular basis!

On my quest for sourcing what I want, I have come to realise that personalised school items needn’t be ‘run of the mill’ but exciting with a diverse range of themes and styles to choose from. So whilst I’m pondering on what to choose for my two, here’s a mood board for you all to mull over.

Personalised stuff for kids going back to school

Personalised stuff for kids going back to school.