I have been redecorating my sons bedroom. Before I started it still had a nursery feel to it rather than an older kid’s room. I hadn’t changed it since he was a baby. Now he is a strapping 5 year old, it needed a makeover! Not least to hide the crayon on the wall, accommodate the ever increasing volume of toys and to put an end to the mish-mash of the themes and colours (all of which made the room look so busy it was headache inducing!). So, when I drew up my plan of what I needed to give my child a dream bedroom (and it took some thought!), I had a conversation with my son about what he would like and we came to the following conclusion.

A kid’s bedroom should be the perfect mixture of fun and functionality. A place where your child can either play or chill out either on his own or with friends. I want to share my learnings with you. Surprisingly, it takes very little effort to create the quintessential kid’s bedroom. Start with a couple of key pieces, add a splash of colour, and then employ a little creativity to help you along the way.

Here’s what you’ll need to give your child a dream bedroom that they will love forever (or at least until they are too old to care)!


1. A sturdy, good quality bed
The key to buying a good bed (and mattress) is to do your homework. If you buy smart, a bed can last up to 10 years, if not more. And remember, you don’t have to go with the everyday bed. A statement bed, like a pirate ship bed or a racing car bed, can transform a dull room into a magical wonderland that your child will absolutely adore. However, keeping practicality in mind, a mid-sleeper can allow for storage room (or a den to hide in!) in the space beneath it and will grow with your child into those teenage years.

2. A clever toy box/storage
Why buy a toy box when you can buy a toy box bench instead? Pop it at the end of the bed and you’ve not only got a great place to store toys, but also the perfect spot for your child to sit down and put their socks on. Buy it in your child’s favourite colour, or to suit the rest of the bedroom décor.


3. Interesting walls
No kid’s bedroom is ever complete without something adorning the walls. Wall decals are a good way to introduce a theme to your child’s bedroom. From sporting silhouettes to wispy trees, they add interest to the room and can make an impact without the expense of wallpaper! Also these fabric letters are can be eye catching too.  Use them to spell out your child’s name, they look cool but is also great for when your child is learning to spell and identify letters of the alphabet.

Fabric covered letters for a kids wall.

Fabric covered letters for a kids wall.


4. Something comfy to sit on
Every kid’s bedroom needs a book corner, a place for your child to sit back and relax with their favourite story. A comfy and funky bean bag will make the little book nook oh-so-swish! A bean bag suits kids of all ages from toddlers right through to teens.  Take inspiration from this DIY beanbag made from old clothes!  Happy comfy reading!



5. A personalised accessory (or two!)
Kids love seeing their names emblazoned on stuff, and personalised cushions will be no exception. They are guaranteed to provide a fab decorative touch to your child’s bedroom, and at the end of the day, will become a cherished keepsake – a lovely reminder of ‘when the kids were young’. We also like these personalised height chart for keeping track of growth spurts as your little one literally grows up.

Good luck with your kids bedroom redesigning and redecorating!  Have fun!