Month: July 2015

Wedding flowers: Astible bouquets and decor

Have you met one of our favourite wedding flowers? Astilbe is a wonderful wedding flower option; readily available throughout the Summer months and inexpensive too! So we have put together some beautiful inspiration for Astilbe bouquets and wedding decor. If you’re getting married and you’re seeking a whimsical, romantic look, then Astilbe is the perfect wedding flower choice for you. Popular for it’s fern like appearance and feathery plumes, Astilbe is a great posy filler. Like gypsophila before it, bouquets containing just Astilbe have gained popularity. Available in white, pink and peach tones, it looks like delicate heather or...

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Wedding flowers: carnation inspiration

Okay, we admit it, even as wedding florists, we fell out of love with carnations for a time – despite the fact they cost a fraction of the price of many of it’s wedding flowers counter parts. Lately we’ve had a change of heart. We’ve fallen in love with their versatility, romantic ruffled petals and affordability for brides all over again. Here’s why… Brides can cut the cost of wedding flowers by hundreds of pounds by using carnations as the dominant wedding flower. Whether using a singular colour Carnation or variety of flowers and colour; such as these posies:...

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Wedding ideas: origami decor

A fascination with the art of Origami has lead us to explore new and interesting way to decorate weddings using this impressive craft. Origami is the craft of paper folding, often associated with Japanese culture. The aim is to transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture by folding and sculpting techniques. It’s always something I’ve found pretty impressive. If your an origami expert you won’t even use glue, or markings on the paper. Paper cranes are symbolically a lucky charm; so adorning your wedding with these cute paper craft accessories could not only be pretty but...

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