Month: June 2014

8 Ways To Entertain Kids At A Wedding

If you are having children as wedding guests, it is worth giving some thought to how they are going to be entertained. Kids at weddings is always a sticky subject. If you have decided to invite children (a hard enough decision in itself for some Brides and Grooms) you clearly want them there. But kids are true to their innocent, uncensored nature and will say loudly: “Mummy I’m bored” at the most inopportune moments. This is not exclusive to being bored! Please interchange hungry, thirsty, tired and “I need a wee” with the word bored! It’schallenging  for the parents as they...

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Top Personalised Products for Kids

Do you remember the days when a pencil emblazoned with your name was the coolest thing in the school playground (plus it stopped other kids nicking your school stuff)? Well, personalised products for kids  (both boys and girls) have come a long way from the humble pencil. Almost anything can be personalised these days – school gear, T-shirts, jewellery, books – even party supplies! Whether you’re after a unique present for your child or are just fed up of things getting lost, personalised kids stuff is a big win for mums. Here are our top five picks…   1. Personalised...

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