Month: May 2014

5 Alternative Wedding Seating Plans

A question on the lips of every wedding guest is “Where are we sitting?”  There is not many a guest who won’t be rushing to see who they are sat with and what their table is called. When you consider this, it’s fair to conclude that the table plan is pretty important and one of the focal points of the wedding reception – for a guest anyway! In which case, it should certainly be something that any bride and groom who are trying to impress their wedding day guests should give some thought to. But where to start? Don’t...

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5 Father’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

What did you do for Mother’s Day? Were you a doting daughter or a sweet son? Did you take her out for a meal, gave her flowers and a thoughtful gift? Well Father’s Day is in less than 4 weeks and even though men are on occasion less sentimental when it comes to presents, it shouldn’t mean that the day should be celebrated gift-free – and buying the gift need not break the bank either! Whether your Dad is the practical sort, enjoys reading or the arts, we have unique yet inexpensive Father’s Day gift ideas that would mark this Father’s day...

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Product Review – Personalised Baby Bibs

Thank heavens for the bib! That very simple piece of material that wraps around your babies neck and tucks underneath their chin. A staple in the wardrobe of a baby! There’ve been many times when I’ve left the house and forgotten to take one with me. Big mistake. It’s not a great look when you lunge towards your child in public as you try and stop the food dribbling down their chin and onto their clothes whilst shouting ‘noooooooo’! – in a slow motion kinda way! The great thing is, is that they don’t need to be boring but...

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My Kids Christening

Four weeks ago we were joined by close family and friends to celebrate the Christening of our three children.  It was a fab day. We began this journey last Autumn when we all met with the Vicar for the first time and the outcome didn’t look too promising as he pointed out that our son most likely needed an exorcism not a baptism! – all in jest (I hoped)?! Well other than splashing a bit of the water in the Font, trying to blow out the candle that represents the Holy Spirit and light and running around the church during...

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