Month: April 2014

5 Steps To A Brilliant Kid’s Bedroom

I have been redecorating my sons bedroom. Before I started it still had a nursery feel to it rather than an older kid’s room. I hadn’t changed it since he was a baby. Now he is a strapping 5 year old, it needed a makeover! Not least to hide the crayon on the wall, accommodate the ever increasing volume of toys and to put an end to the mish-mash of the themes and colours (all of which made the room look so busy it was headache inducing!). So, when I drew up my plan of what I needed to...

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Wedding abroad – Mexico

It’s been an emotional few weeks. A year ago to this day, my sister waved goodbye to being single and married her fiancé Eduardo in Mazatlan, Mexico. Let me share this with you. To celebrate their wedding day with them, we travelled the 5,490 miles by car, bus, tram and three different aeroplanes for 36 hours, crossing umpteenth time zones and all with 2 kids whilst being six months pregnant! (and breathe I hear you say)! Unlike most going abroad my suitcase wasn’t filled to the brim with summer frocks but with packs of coloured tissue paper! I was...

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Outdoor Living Inspiration

This week is National Gardening Week and as we inch closer and closer to warm weather, I find myself daydreaming about beautiful outdoor living spaces and glorious gardens. There are some really extravagant living spaces out there, but I’m mostly drawn to natural, cosy spaces meant for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors with a glass of wine, some good company or a good book. It’s got me thinking about the outdoor living additions Big Little Thing have selected for this season, many of which I will be adding to my own garden. Here are our Top 5 picks…...

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Easter Bonnet DIY

I was once told that you can make anything out of a paper plate.  A bold statement indeed.  I feel it only fair to manage your expectations and say this nugget of knowledge came from a friend of mine who is a primary school teacher by profession.  Hence the ‘anything’ is really aimed at young children.  I’m not about to reveal how to make a Gucci bag out of a paper plate. Although I imagine my friend would argue that you could make a suitably good clutch bag! Joking aside, my friend did show me how to craft a...

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