Our Story

Thank you for joining us on our journey.

We own a gorgeous little florist and gift shop in the heart of Shropshire, it is from here we run our webshop too.

All of our products have been handcrafted or handpicked by us; Fran and Sarah. We hope you enjoy mooching through our pages and feel inspired as much as we are.

From a conversation over coffee back in 2010, Big Little Things has evolved into what you see today. It’s exciting to see our scribbles in a notebook of designs that we create, finding a home with someone like you.

Our products are reflective of what is important to us – family and friends – the people who make life’s journey what it is. This might sound very philosophical but it’s all about life events, special occasions, celebrations and memorable moments. The feel good things in life.

About Sarah by Fran

“Let me tell you about my fab friend and business partner Sarah....

She's always bang up to date (if not ahead) with the latest trends and fashions and certainly teaches me a thing or two!

She infuriatingly never finishes a cup of tea or coffee but has no problems polishing off a gin and bitter lemon!  

If the music’s playing when she's out then you can pretty much guarantee that she'll be busting some moves on the dance floor!  (She's pretty good too).  I often wonder if this enthusiasm stems from when she was at University?!?

Always loyal and dependable, especially to Hank - her pet cat.

Oh and one more thing. . . she has no sense of smell. . . whatsoever. Fact!”

About Fran by Sarah

“I'm Sarah, but let me tell you about Fran....

Fran is uber creative, thoughtful and methodical - she loves a list! She's heaps of fun too.

Sussex born Fran has lived in two countries, but neither of those are Mauritius - that's where she got married!  

She can't function without a filter coffee and reads a book called the 'Shell Seekers' every year.

Her favourite place is her garden where she grows her own veg.”


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