Daffodil Yellow Easter Wedding Trends

Spring yellow colour inspiration...

Spring 2014 has official begun! On the drive to work there are yellow carpets of daffodils at the roadside, having nuzzled their heads through the soil, showing sunny yellow blooms to the world.  It's at this time of year that my home enjoys the brightness of yellow tulips and daffodil bunches. It’s amazing how one little vase of flowers sitting on my kitchen table can brighten the entire room!  The colour yellow is the epitome of Spring to me. It got me thinking of all the gorgeous Spring weddings afoot, so here is a little inspiration on how to incorporate sunny yellow into your wedding day colour scheme. From traditional lemonade sipped through yellow stripe straws to the soft yellow tulle of a bridesmaid dress, mellow out with our daffodil yellow wedding accessories and details.

Daffodil yellow wedding ideas Daffodil yellow wedding ideas
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