Chevron Trends

Geometric patterns are big trend news for 2013. Chevron is undoubtedly at the forefront of the angular craze. From decorative home items such as pots and rugs to fashionable clothing and jewellery, the chevron can create a stylish look. It is a great way to style a wedding, party or special occasion (we’re massive fans of chevron straws for a bit of party drink fun). The wonder of chevron is its versatility - the colour palette can change the look completely. Softer colour combinations can create a vintage feel (see our chevron party bags), while a stronger colour will present a contemporary look.

To demonstrate the diversity of the chic chevron, take a look at the mood boards below. The first is using bold colours like a Monaco blue with poppy red; the second is combining a paler shade such as grayed jade with hints of gold, pink and peach. All in all, it simply shows how à la mode chevron can be.

Chevron ideas for gifts. Chevron ideas for gifts.
Chevron design inspiration. Chevron design inspiration.
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